Candy Wall Disc

Candy Wall Disc
  • Candy Wall Disc
  • Candy Wall Disc

Traditionally made by talented women artisans. These hand-woven decorative wall disc guarantee a fair and sustainable income to over 750 skilled women weavers across Swaziland. 

Made from local plant "Lutindzi" sustainably harvested from the mountains of Swaziland. It is water proof and stain resistance.

Each of these wall-disc is  a unique piece of art . It is a special crafted product  with extra care and passion.

We only have one piece like this one. It will bring a unique and stunning piece of art from Africa to your home.



- 45  cm  diameter

- Made from Lutindzi  indigenous grass sustainably harvested .

- Sustainable production.

- Made in Swaziland.

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