• Hammam Towels, Turkish Towels, Fouta explained.

    Hammam Towels, Turkish Towels, Fouta explained.

    Hammam towel, Fouta (also spelt futa), Turkish Towel are current terms used in Occident to describe a thin patterned towel made of cotton. Originally worn in Mediterranean countries, by both men and women, while at the public baths.

    Turkish Hammam towels are so popular, because they are light, absorbent, versatile and beautiful! They can be used on the beach as a regular towel or worn as a sarong. Quick drying towels, they are ideal to take swimming or to the gym. Being so light they are great travelling towels, perfect for backpack adventure. Since they are also stylish they can simply be used at home for your bathroom, the various sizes allow you to have a set of hair towels, hand towels and large body towels.

    They come in different sizes from small to extra large which gives you extra flexibility depending on how you prefer to use them. We  love their look so much that we actually use extra large hammam towels as table cloths, throws or picnic blankets. The small Hammam Towels are very stylish as napkins or hand towels. Easy to wash they are so convenient for guests.


    Ville et Campagne's collection of patterned hammam towels are made of 100% natural cotton. they are produced in various regions of Tunisia, from North to South, to promote and sustain the unique craftsmanship of each region. These handicraft traditions are part of the culture, soul and history of Tunisia. Each towel is individually hand-woven on traditional antique semi-mechanical looms, unlike those currently available on the high street, which are woven on industrial looms. As well as offering the highest quality and modern designs to our customers we aim to preserve this heritage.

    All our towels are machine washable at 40 degree, they dry quickly. As a bonus they become softer the more you wash them. No need to use a dryer or to iron them.

    When it comes to choosing a hammam towel, follow the link below, have fun picking a colour, a pattern and a size. We guarantee the quality.

  • Tell your story .

    Tell your story .

    Each of us has a story to tell.

    Writers are official story tellers.

    But we all have a story to share and our own way to share it.

    It can be through our words, our passion, our work, our sexuality, our family, our actions, our sports, our music, our creations, our travels, our adventures our cloths, our home …..

    Don't be afraid to tell your story.

  • Powerful Women

    Powerful Women
    I am not perfect, far from it, but I can tell you that confidence puts me in a total different light.
    Have you limited your choices ?
    Have you been telling yourself there are only a few options available ?
    Please, set yourself free and give yourself permission to experience and taste more of life. Trust yourself, your intuition and start moving towards what you really want. Don't listen to others just to you.
    Give yourself permission.



  • Designed by women, made by women.

    Designed by women, made by women.
    We really believe that women have an amazing driving force and energy that has to be expressed to its full.
    We create beautiful products. We are Florence and Sara. 
    Then we try to find other women to produce our products with care and talent.
    We think that only other women can do that.
    We also want to help, protect and give these women security, power, self- worth, dignity and the pride to create beautiful products.